Monday, July 23, 2007

A man's best friend

Dogs!!! I wonder what is it about them that draws us so much towards them. Is it the way they look at you with such soulful eyes? Or they way they come and rest their heads on your legs ( I just LOVE it when they do that ). I remember when I was studying for my tenth board exams. I used to sometimes stay up late, studying. Everyone else in the house used to be fast asleep. Times like these ( esp when you are studying), you tend to feel kinda lonely and it is scary. I used to make my dog sit with me and read out to him :D. I know the poor chap didnt understand a word I said, but to me it was very comforting. Some times, he comes with piece of cloth in his mouth and drops it at my feet. We then play "Dog and the bone" (or rather "Dog, human and the cloth" ) combined with "Tug of war".

I don't understand how can some people hate them!!! There are times when I get mad at my dog, but one look at him and all my anger just melts away. Ok, I know they can get messy sometimes, but so do kids right? All said and done I think they are worth all the mess. There used to be this add of Raymonds on TV where a guy comes home and is greeted with a hoard of puppies which are all over him. What I'd give to be in that guys shoes ;) .

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