Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today I want to tell another story. Unlike the earlier stories which I have shared this is pretty morbid, yet it is something that is pretty close to my heart.

There was a girl I once knew. According to me she was absolutly perfect. She was tall, smart, gorgeous ( she always reminded me of Sandra Bullock), a great dancer, confident...Everything a person would want to be. I used to idolise her. Then one day, she went away, to a place from where she would never return. She hung herself from a ceiling in her apartment and took her life. I was so shocked when I heard this. It seemed so unreal. We hear of someone committing suicide so often in the papers, but when it happens to someone you know, it hits you right in the face. Her family was shattered. I had never seen them so broken, so torn. I was not very close to her but was close to the rest of the family. And seeing them like this un-nerved me. They were like zombies. I was so shocked, I didnt know what to do or how to react. That day I felt so angry at her, I hated her for bringing so much pain to her family. At that time I didnt know why she did it. Now I do. She was in love with a guy who didnt return her affections the way she wanted. He abused her, mentally, physically. Later, we found that she wanted to break away from the relationship but for some reason could not, did not. That day they had a fight, a terrible one and she could not take it anymore and in a moment of madness took her life. And it was over.

I wonder what kind of love it this? How can you stand to be even around a person who treats you like this? There are so many women who inspite of being abused continue to live with the same person. Some are afraid to stand up, while the others keep living in the hope that the person would change. That he would love them the way it is meant to be. Some people say that it takes a lot of courage to take your life. But, I think only the most cowardly person would consider taking his/her life. They do it because they are not strong enough to face their problems. Killing themselves is the easy way out and they take it. Or, sometimes there are cases like these, when just for a small fraction of time they feel low and depressed. This depressions reaches such a stage that they just snap.

Sometimes I think, if only she had called someone at that time she would be alive and here with us. But, in such situations, I think the person becomes temporarily mad and cannot distinguish between rational and irrational and does what is the first thing that comes in his/her mind. I just wish that people would realise that problems are a part of life. We have to face them head on and fight them off. Taking the easy way out is not the solution.

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dreamy said...

Today is her second death anniversary...she has been gone a long time...but the pain she left in the hearts of those who love her..still remains....forever...