Sunday, July 15, 2007

Growing up

When we are young all we want is to grow up so that we can do so many things that we are not allowed to do as kids. But there are people who never grow up no matter how old they become. There is no harm in keeping a child alive inside of you no matter what. But, there has to be a limit for it. I dont think there is any harm in behaving like kids sometimes, but there are times when you need to be a little mature. I work in a software company, which happens to be an MNC. A couple of days ago we had our quaterly party in a 5 star hotel. The entire group consisted of well educated people, all of them above 22 years of age and earning a good salary. But I have never seen a bigger bunch of kids. Some colleagues had put up some skits for the entertainment, for which they worked really hard. But when they were performing on the stage, there was so much heckling from the crowd that it was difficult for them to continue. There were unlimited drinks at the bar. People freaked out on them. I dont think there is anything wrong with having a drink or two but just because your office is paying for it does not mean you have to get yourself drunk and make a fool of yourself. Around 5 people had passed out due to too much alcohol.

If it was some college party I would probably expect it but this was a corporate party for heaven's sake!! One would expect some degree of maturity and responsibility from everyone. Like someone once said "With great power comes big responsibilities". I wonder when will people really understand it and will be able to implement it in their own lives.

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