Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Down in the dumps!!!

I have mentioned so many times in my earlier posts that whenever I feel low I think of things that make me happy and my mood immediately uplifts. But today it didnt help, didnt help at all. My day started normally, I got up got ready and went to office. For a past few days I had been slacking off on the work front **sheepish grin ** but today I had decided that I will not let anything distract me. And it worked. I paid attention to my work and got quite a lot done!!! Yet, for some reason I was not happy. I felt like screaming on the top of my voice and crying at the same time. Till now I have not been able to figure out what could be the reason of this trumoil of emotions going on inside of me. I tried everything I could to come out of it but no avail. I just cannot understand it. I mean there was no reason for me to be so low. It is really wierd. I was nearly at my wits end when as a last resort I started talking to this friend of mine. He is my best friend in the whole world. He is the one person who knows me better than I know myself. I told him about what I was going through and he understood that something was wrong. He spoke to me for a long time. Cheering me up. And that really made all the difference. It is really amazing what a presence of a good friend can do in your life. Someone you know will always be there with you no matter what. We dont talk to each other that often as we are both pretty busy. But I know if I need him all I have to do is ping him or call him and he is there.

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