Thursday, July 19, 2007

Honk Honk!!! Side Please

I absolutly hate to go out on the road on my bike. I would prefer walking ( if the distance is not too great) or take an auto. But just the thought of going out anywhere on my bike , in such traffic gives me goosebumps. I mean, the rush on the road to absolutly crazy!! It's like people do not have time at all. There wil be cars and bikes and all sorts of vehicle zooming around you, breaking all the possible traffic rules, like their pants are on fire. Hell, sometimes even on a traffic signal, if the cars in the front are waiting at the red light, there will be other people who will be honking continuously to make them move. Don't they understand that no matter what, the cars up ahead are not going to move until the light turns green? Don't their ear drums burst with so much constant, irritating noise? Why is there so much rush to reach their destination. If you are getting late, then you should have left earlier. I read a quote once "It is better to be 5 minutes late in this world then to be too early in the next". How true is that.

Ironically on the other hand, when there is some kind of an accident on the road the people around seem to have all the time in the world!! Everyone will just gather around to watch the fight or to see what is going on. Damn guys there is no show going on out there. I really hate this. They will not move an inch to help the person, all they want to do is gawk. Even when I am going to office in the bus, if there is some kind of accident or some fight going on, on the road, the people in my bus will crane their necks to see what is going on. What kind of sadastic pleasure poeple get in such things is something I will never understand. A couple of weeks ago a 10th std girl here met with an accident while going to her class in the morning. Instead of helping her and taking her to the hospital, the people were busy fighting with the person who caused the accident. The poor girl died there on the spot. If someone had had a little common sense and taken her immediately to the ER she could have been saved. But then the person taking her would have missed the exciting fight!! How could he do that?

I wonder sometimes, if this is the level of thinking in the people, can we ever even hope to become a developed nation?

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