Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My extremly dumb but adorable dog..:-)


Among all the categories of people one comes across in the walk of life there is one type whom i call the whiners. They have everything they need yet they want more but are not ready to work to get it, to take risks, to get off their a** and work towards getting what they desire. All they would do is sit and complain to anyone who is listening about how they wish they had blah blah. Now i know there are somethings which night always remain a wish as it is not practically possible to achieve it but there are some dreams that you can make come true right? There are times when i absolutly hate such people but there are times when i feel sorry for them too. I wonder if all they need is some push, some support from someone. But then just how much? I dont mine being there for someone who needs it, but for how long? It gets frustrating after some time if you are doing all you can to be there but the other person just uses your words your actions to feel comforted and get back to complaining. Times like these i think maybe i should stop but would it then mean that i am giving up on the person who needs me? Would it mean i am just abandoning him/her in the middle of no-where? How do you know when it is enough?