Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't Hope.

I know the title sounds strange. I mean everywhere we are asked to never give up hope. And I am saying "Dont hope". Read the story below and you will know why I am saying that:

Jim was waiting for his friend at the airport. The flight was a bit delayed so he was just looking around. There was a a beautiful lady sitting next to him. With her there were 3 kids ( he assumned hers). They all seemed to be waiting for someone. The young one in her lap seemed to be getting restless. He thought of going there and striking a conversation when suddenly the other 2 kids jumped up and rushed to someone. He turned and saw a tall man walking towards them with a huge smile on his face. He picked up his kids and hugged then fiercely. The toddler in the lady's lap was now getting really antsy. So the man came and plucked him from his mothers lap and held him close. The baby calmed down instantly. He was happy to be in his daddy's arms. The the man handed over the kid to the oldest child and looked at his wife as if he had never seen someone as beautiful as her. Said out loud, " I was saving the best for the last my dear". He went upto her and gave her a lingering kiss. Jim knew it was rude but he could not stop staring at the obvious love that was shared by the members of this family. Before he could stop himself he went upto the man and asked him "How long have you been away?". The man while looking adoringly at his family replied "Two whole days!!!". Jim was taken aback. Two days!!!! They were acting as if he had been away for years. He asked again "How long have you been married?". The man, looked down on his wife and said "Been together for 12 yrs and been married for 10 of those." Jim said, more to himself than to the man, "Wow, I hope that after 10 yrs my marriage is as beautiful as yours". The man who had just started moving away, turned back looked at Jim straight in the eyes, with an intensity that burned through his soud, and said "Don't hope my friend, decide!" With this he walked away with his family.

This got me thinking. There are so many times when we say "Oh I hope I am able to complete this assignment by today" or "I hope I get through the day without getting mad at someone". We just hope for it and expect that someone else will come and make these things happen. What we dont realise that no one is going to come and hand these things to us in a silver platter. We have to do it ourselves. If we want our assignment to be completed by today, then we have to work hard on it. If we want to spend our entire day without yelling at someone then we have to keep calm. We have to decide what we want and we have to decide how are we going to get it.

When we talk about hope, we talk about things that are not in our control. We can hope that one day the world will be a better place, free of terror and war or that it does not rain today. There is nothing we can do prevent such things from happening.

What I am trying to say is that we should know when to hope and when to make a firm decision about things we want. So, for all those things that are in our hands ,"Don't hope my friend Decide".

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