Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Laws of Attraction

Sometimes I wonder what attracts a person to another. People say that 'opposites attract'. As far as laws of magnetism and physics go sure no arguing with that point. But what about when relationships are concerned? Does this hold true always?

To support this theory I guess one can say that people usually are looking for someone who is totally unlike them, so that they can fill in the gaps in their personalities and complete them ( and vice versa of course). There have been so many times you come across people saying "I dont know what she/he saw in the other person. They are so unlike each other". And yet, they are totally content with each other.

Then there are times when you come across a person who so much similar to you and seeing the similarities you are attracted to him/her. It is because you know you can be at the same level as that person. Because you share common interests, and hobbies you have some things to do together which you both like. Someone who understands you because they know what it is like.

I guess it varies from person to person. We dont know what is it that we are looking for. You cannot help who you fall in love with right? There is more of chemistry at play here than physics.

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