Friday, December 21, 2007

Today I went to watch 'Taare Zamein Par' with my colleagues. It is such a realistic, simple story told beautiful. Something which I am sure if not many at least some percentage of the people can relate to. It is a kind of story that makes you think about the human nature, and society in general.
The movie is about a kid who suffers from dyslexia and his struggle to find himself in the masses. Makes you wonder about the mentality of the people and how most of them live their lives like robots. That is how everyone has been trained, when you are a kid you have to go to school. Once you reach the tenth standard you become a part of a never ending rat race. First, it is to excel in the board exams and get admission in a good junior college. Then if you think you are free from it once the boards are over, the competitive exams and the 12th boards soon follow and you are in the race to get into a good professional college. And once that is over you are fighting to get a good job or a good PG college.
Once you are out in the corporate world you are fighting to earn as much as you can when you still have the chance to climb the ladder pushing the others aside. Where does it finally end? When you die? What do you get in the end?
Then there is another breed of people. Those who do not want to be a part of this system. Their mind works in a different direction and they live in a world of their own. A world which is far removed from this one. They are happy there, content. But for some reason that is not acceptable by the people around them. They cannot tolerate the fact that someone among them thinks differently from them, does not want what they want. So, they try to force the person into behaving like them. Everyone wants a child who gets good grades, does well in sports or some other extra-curricular activity etc. etc. They want their kid to be perfect.
But, what is 'perfect' ? A dictionary defines 'perfect' as being complete of its kind and without any blemish. I ask again, what is perfect? Does getting straight A's and topping a class in every subject makes on perfect? Does having 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose make you perfect? Perfection is something that is defined by this society. By 'the others' as one of my friends like to call them. But my definition of perfect may be different from someone else. People just blindly follow what is put in front of them, and if someone tries to defy that, he/she is labeled as a 'freak'. Just because a person does not get 95% in an exam does not mean he/she is dumb.
I had the pleasure of knowing one such Angel. She was my schoolmates little sister. She was suffering from 'Downs Syndrome'. She was such a little darling. I can never forget her sweet innocent face. The way she would just come and hug you when she thought you were mad at her for something. I can never forget the time when I had the honor of receiving one such hug. It was the sweetest, the best hug I ever got.
Sometimes I think people like Angel are the most happiest. They like others dont care about what people think of them. They do not understand the 'rules' nor do they wish to. They are happy in their world, but most of them are not allowed to. I wish for once people will breakthrough this concept of 'society' and live for themselves and let others live too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I mentioned in my previous post how watching dancing can cheer one up. You know what...screw that...

when watching on TV i guess yea but when there is music being played and people all around you are moving to the rythm and all you can do is sit and watch...well there is nothing more torturing than that. that is what happened to me today. A friend of mine had invited me to a latin party. Initially I refuesd as there would be no point going for a dance party with a broken leg but in the end she wore me down and there I was sitting on the chair looking at guys and gals swaying to the rythms of salsa, samba, jive, cha-cha, rumba, merengue..and all i could do was curse my broken leg and drown myself in self pity...

but i had not counted on Aniruddha. he was the first guy i ever danced properly with and abs enjoy dancing with. he knew how bad i was feeling about not being able to dance...i was just sitting on the chair with him in front of me when he suddenly got up and offered me his hand..i was staring at him for a whole minute...he extended his hand again and all i could say "Are you crazy? You do know that I have a broken leg right and that I wont be able to put my weight on that". He just smiled and said dont worry I will take care of was i heart was telling me to jump up and go ahead but the head was holding me the end my heart won..i took his hand and he led me to the floor...and we danced!!! luck would have it..they played a rumba and a cha-cha number, both my favourite dances, at that moment...i wouldnt say tht i danced well or anything..hell i will hardly moving my feet...just shuffling them and like he promised he took care that i am not putting my weight on the broken foot..

it was not a proper dance..but for me at that moment it was bliss...he gave me the whole world in that moment...i dont mean to be melodramatic but my heart was actually overflowing with happiness and I was on cloud #9....

Thanks Ani, thank you so much for what you gave me.... :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Letter to the void...

Dear void,
Ever since I got up this morning there was a strange uneasiness inside me. As the time passed by at one point I felt as if my heart was breaking. I felt like going someplace all by myself and close my eyes and stay there forever. It’s really strange. But looks like someone up there didn’t want me to be blue J. After dinner my mom was watching some serial on TV and there is this scene in which a teacher is giving some advice to her student. Listening to those words it felt as if they were said just for me. It instantly eased up the pain that was wrenching my heart. And then to top it off as I was surfing through the various channels, I saw a dance program. Watching those people swaying to the beautiful tunes of the Waltz, Salsa, Tango etc. cheered me up instantly. There is something about dancing which makes you forget about everything else and lifts your mood instantly. I know I might not be able to put on my dancing shoes for another month or two but watching those dancers floating across the floor made me feel as if I was back home dancing the evening away. For a moment I had a strange feeling as if all of this was done especially for me to cheer me up.
I don’t know if it is true or like people say its my overactive imagination running in hyperdrive, but whatever it is, I feel so much better now. Feel like dancing like there is no tomorrow. I know I know its not possible at the moment, what the heck I can do it in my mind and be happy about it right.
So a big thank you to the big guy up there. Thank you for being there for me. I love you.