Friday, June 22, 2007


How many of us open the newspaper everyday and take a look at the Daily Horoscopes column? I am sure almost everyone would deny that they do any such thing. They will say that they dont believe in it, but, somewhere inside there is a part of them which thinks 'What if it is all true?', 'What if it really works?' . I guess the reason why this 'Fortune telling' is getting so famous these days is because people are impatient. They dont want to live in the present. They want to know what will be their fate probably 10 yrs down the line or even till the end of the day. What I dont understand is that why cant they just let it be? Life has so many surprises in store for us. Why cant they let it unravel it as the time goes by? What is the fun in living if you know what is going to happen to you in the next moment?

And it is not just for the future that people look into them. People look into the love compatibility issues. I bet if they spent half as much time (which they spend on going to various fortune tellers and gypsies) spending some quality time with their partner, they would have a happy, successful relationship.
I believe all our fates are already decided and there is nothing we can do to change it. So instead of finding out what is going to happen to us and how can we avoid the unfavourable circumstances that we might come across we should live in the moment. Enjoy every day like it is the last. What we dont know cannot hurt us right? ;)

Like he lyrics of the song "The dance" by Garth Brooks go:
And now I am glad I didn't know,
The way it all would end, the way it all would go,
Our lives, are better left to chance,
I could have missed the pain,
But I'd had to miss the dance.

Somewhere my love.....

Love...there can be so many ways in which this 4 letter word can be defined...i think this must be the only word in the English dictionary which does not have a proper definition...that is because love is not defined by boundaries, religon, caste, well these days even sex.

So what is love? This is an eternal question which has answered by many scholars in different manner. Personally I am in love with love. Wierd I know, but then who isn't right? For the first time in my life ( I thinkl!!) I have truly, madly, deeply fallen in love. *SIGH* yes I am in love.

I dont know if he loves me, hell I dont even know if he even thinks about me. But I know one thing is for sure. Ever since I have realised my feelings for him I have been really happy. I am singing almost all the time. Feel like getting up and just dancing like no one is watching. Nothing in this world can upset me or make me sad. I wonder if this is the case when the feelings are just one-sided what will happen if we start going out!!!!!! Sometimes when I used to see my friend having problems with their boy-friends I used think 'wow I am so lucky I am single'!! But now I know. I think now that it is worth it. Worth every tear every heartache.

Sometimes I wonder how will I feel if I find out that he is in love with someone else. Then I realise yes, it will hurt me. I will feel the pain but in some corner of my heart I know Love is not always about who you want but also knowing that you are capable of giving your heart to someone with all that you have.

It might get crushed sometimes, some other times it may get trampled upon and at other times it will get shattred into tiny pieces. But there will come a time when it will come into the hands of a person who will cherish it with all he has. Who will make sure that no one ever hurts it. And when that time comes, it will heal all the hurt and pain of the past.......

My Love

Everytime I close my eyes I see you my sweet,
Your face is hazy, its not clear,
So I wait patiently for the day we will meet,
And I will hold you close to me my dear.