Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day in paradise

A typical day in the life of a software engineer. I am saying this from personal experience and not from the numerous forwards that go around.

1) Log into the machine. Check if there are any important mails. Aaaargh your manager has scheduled a team meeting. That moron!! Does not have anything better to do.

2) Oh what is this!! A mail from the testing people. They have found some new bug. Damn looks like you are going to have some work today.

3) Go to cafeteria to linger over a cup of coffee.

4) Come back to the desk. Yipee there are some forwards......Boring you have already read them Yawn!

5) Ok better get to that bug. Oh wait someone is online. Lets just chat for a while.

6) Back to the bug, hey looks like this was not a problem after all. Screw you testers!!

7) Oh lunch time already. Damn no place in the cafeteria, oh well lets sit in the library and wait for a table to get empty.

8) Hey finally got a place. Yawn...feeling sleepy. Go for a walk.

9) Oh crap!! meeting!!! need to wake up.

10) In a dreamland while the manager is talking about some stuff. Wondering what he/she is doing now and hoping that they come online. Why is it that when you have nothing to do nobody is online???!!!???

11) Hey meeting over...finally!! Coffee break.

12) Staring blankly at the screen..Maybe if you concentrate hard enough you might be able to control it with your mind!! Worth a try isnt it??

13) Someone needs you help. SOME WORK!!!! FINALLY!!!!

14) Oh that was a minor issue. Glad you could help.

15) Hey what do you know. Time to leave.

Ctrl + Alt + Del + Enter

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