Monday, October 15, 2007

Mars and Venus

The other day a friend of mine read the article in which I described how I felt when I found out about how that guy cheated on my friend. He told me that I am too naïve and soft to be upset over such a small thing and that it is a regular occurrence with guys. We had quite a big argument over this. Is it really true? Am I really being naïve in thinking that there are some good people in this world who would never ever hurt anyone like this? Well actually I had kinda ignored that discussion till today.

My friend, whose heart that guy had broken, is recovering slowly. She started seeing this guy; there is nothing romantic between them apart from some flirting. She used to be so happy whenever she talked about him, and it felt good to know that she has found someone. Today, however, she told me that the other guy is acting funny too. He is ignoring her calls and messages. This took my mind back to my previous discussion / argument with my friend. I wonder if she is going to end up with a broken heart again. I hope not. Can the male species really be that heartless and cruel?

But then on the other hand, is it entirely the guys fault? I have heard so many of my friends complain so many times that their boyfriend is not giving them enough time. But then don’t they need a space of their own? Don’t they need to hang out with their own friends too? Ok I have never been on the other side so I am saying from pure theory here, but personally I cannot imagine being with the same person 24 * 7. I would go mad. I need my own space and I am sure the other person too. When I try to tell this to my friends I am greeted with dirty looks, so I just shut up. But then it doesn’t stop me from thinking it. Could it be that the girls themselves drive the guys away? I am not saying it happens in all the cases. Most of the times I know guys get bored and start looking for someone new and interesting. But I know one thing for sure, if someone was always clinging on to me I would back off immediately.

I may be a hopeless romantic, but I prefer being rational and thinking logically. Agreed that there are times you must listen to your heart, but that does not mean you should stop listening to your head completely. I just cannot imagine myself saying those mushy words to someone or even hearing them for that matter. I just wouldn’t have the patience. I like to get straight to the point. And then, I start to wonder if I am being too cold. Am I?


ramer...thoughts on an overdrive!! said...

its urprises me when i compare a guys and gals perception on love!!

i was a gu in btw a love relationship btw two in i introduced themmmso i got subjected to both their perceptions of it!!

there is considerable differences in perceptions...!!

one thing i learned i wud never have survived in relatinshp like theirs!!

dreamy said...

on a broader level there definitely a difference in perception between guys and girls not only on the topic of love but on everything in life....dont u think that this difference is what attracts one person to the other?

ramer...thoughts on an overdrive!! said...

when i meant i wudnt survive in theirs...i said so bcos theirs way laced with too much possessiveness and rules that seemed suffocating!

but yes these diff in perceptions cud attract...esp if they are compatible ones....
they shudnt be absolutely conflicting ones.