Sunday, September 2, 2007

I think I have said it a million times before. That I am a hopeless romantic and really believe in the "made for each other" kind of love. But today something happened which shattered my belief in it. Well to start off, in one of my earlier posts I had mentioned a guy, someone with whom I had fallen in love ( or thought I did ). Those days I was positively giddy about him. Heck I could not even string two words together whenever he came in front of me. But, after some time I realised that the feelings I had for him was just an attraction and nothing more. So after that we were just friends. I uses to think that he is a very cool guy. I was over him, but still respected him. He is funny, smart, used to treat me like lady. I felt good around him.

But I found out what a total scumbag he is. I cannot go into the details as it is someone else's story. Someone whose heart was broken and crushed by him. When she asked him why all he could do was shrug and say "That's the way I am."

I was positively shocked to hear this. I admit that I am judging him based on only one side of the story, I dont know about him. But still, it does not give him any excuse to treat her like this. Ever since she has told me about this I cannot get it out of my head. In the evening I was just walking around the streets, trying to clear my head. I was actually walking in a trance.

You think you know someone, you trust him, and then you find out things like this and your world is upside down. Oh how I wish I could punch him and break his nose.

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