Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am sure every person has a secret of his/her own. There is no harm in that. I mean sometimes there are things you simply dont want to share with anyone and that is perfectly fine. But, sometimes, some serets can come in the way of your happiness. What do you do then? What should you do? Well I guess if I had the answer to this question I wouldnt be writing all this down here now would I ;).

I never really gave this much thought, but yesterday I finished reading a book "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". The central idea of this novel revolved around this man who does something and decides to hide his deed from his wife, from the world. But as time goes by, he is burdned by it. He takes this secret to his grave, but destroys so many lives in the way. He believed what he was doing was right, that he was protecting his wife and family from pain and grief, but does not realise that this deed of his was causing more pain than reducing it.

It is not very uncommon. So many people go through their lives weighed down by the heavy load they carry around in their hearts. It starts with a simple harmless looking lie but as time goes by this lie keeps getting stronger and stronger untill it forms a thick iron wall around you which no-one can penetrate, however hard they try.

I wonder what makes them behave this way. Is it fear of being rejected? Or being considered a looser? Or like in he above case they feel that they are doing some good when in reality they are not.

There are times when we come across some people in our lives who touch our hearts in a special way maybe as a friend or sometimes something more. Why cant well ever tell them how we feel about them? We wait for the other person to make the first move and sometimes this wait lasts forever. Instead we prefer carrying this secret buried deep in our hearts, where it slowly starts to cause pain. I wonder if some poeple really enjoy this kind of pain.

I guess it is all a bit difficult for me to understand because uptill now I have never come across some situation when I have had to keep something from someone. OK, I am not talking about personal secrets of friends, those things are never meant to be revealed. Apart from this I am an open book. But then again like I always say, this is a personal view. Each person is different right.

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