Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beyond the traditions....

Our is a country famous for its deep rooted culture and age old traditions, which have been going on for centuries. We have come a long way but some things have not changed.

Today, people all around the country will be celebrating 'Ananth Chaturdashi' which marks the end of the 'Ganesh Chaturti' festival. It is the 11th and the final day of the festival. It is today, that all the Ganesh idols that people bring in their homes/societies at the beginning of Ganeshotsav are immersed in various water bodies. Many people perform this ritual earlier but by this day everyone immerses their idols. I had gone too. But as those people were immersing the idols in the water, all I could think of was how much dirt and grime they are putting in the river. Imagine hundreds and thousands of idols being drowned in the water. The soluble stuff will eventually become a part of the water and the rest will keep floating and might land up at some shore or maybe in some poor fish's stomach. Yeah yea this has been happening for a long time, but first of all in those days there were not so many idols and secondly people were not all that aware. But what about now? Can we really afford to pollute our rivers/lakes/seas this way? I am sure 80% of the people are doing it because this is the way it has always been. But dont they ever stop to think what are they doing to the environment? These days there are so many campaigns going on for protecting the environment. But does anyone really care? If they pass a law against it there will be a huge cry and lots of protests. But then change for the betterment is good right? I mean didnt they eventually ban parctices like sati and child marriage? I wish they would ban this too or at least restrict it! I guess in case of sati or child marriage people raised their voices because it was affecting them directly, but in this case they are not seeing the immediate effects of their actions. Aaaaargh I felt like shaking those people and asking them to wake up.

Diwali is also the same. In this we are polluting the air. Hey even I love those rockets which burst into bright colorful stars but at the same time I cant help but feel that pinch. I just cannot light fire crackers these days.

Oh damn it is there any solution to this!!!!

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