Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cricket v/s Bollywood

I think cricket and bollywood are the two things all Indians are really crazy about. Liking something is one thing but being totally fanatic about it?? I just cannot digest it. What is even worse is that the film stars are all treated like Gods and the cricketers, well if they win a match they are God and if they loose they are Dogs. What the hell is this? If India looses a match, people will throw stones at the player's homes, burn their effigies, take out protest rallies and who knows what not. And if we win then oh they will be the heros of the nation.
On the other hand what about the film stars? Now consider the Sanjay Dutt case or even the Salman Khan case that is going on. Sanjay Dutt was involved in the Mumbai bomb blasts which killed so many people. Salman Khan charged for killing wild animals and running over someone sleeping on the footpath. What these guys did ended in taking innocent lives. Yet, they seem to have the full support of the nation. People are praying for their release. Why? Just because they are huge stars? Does this justify their actions?
Hell, we loose a measly match and people take is as a personal insult! On the other hand, their countrymen are dying for no fault of their own and the offenders are walking free while the mass is upholding them. How can people be such hypocrites!

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