Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To work or not to work

The other day, in the bus on my way to office, I was talking to a friend of mine and was badgering him about being a workaholic. He comes to office at regular time, but stays back late almost everyday on top of that when he is not going out, he works on weekends too. Which according to me is being a workaholic. But when I called him that he was like, "wow you really think so?? you think I am a workaholic!! I am so happy to hear that! Because I think i can and should do more" I was stumped when I heard this. I never realised that being called a workaholic would be a compliment to someone!!
I like my work, and I do it with full sincerity, but that does not mean I will devote my entire life to it. Why do we work? I could give some idealistic answer to this question by saying that because we really feel that we are achieving our life's purpose by doing this and blah blah....which could be true in a few cases. But realistically speaking, for most people, we work to make money which yes, I agree is needed to a certain extent. Hey I wouldnt be able to go for my salsa parties if I didnt have this money ;). But this is beside the point.
What I am trying to say is that, yes, it is agreed that we need to work in order to lead comfortable lives, but that does not mean that we work our asses off and make come to a stage where "work is our life and our life is our work." We are young, with no responsibilities as of now, this is such a perfect time to learn something new, to live our lives to the fullest. I am not saying that we cannot do that once we get married or older, but if we get into the habit of just existing for our work and nothing but our work, would we ever be able to get out of this quicksand? It will just suck us in. Even as I write this, I realise that even though I am enjoying my life to the fullest as well as doing my best in the work, I am sure I can do more and much more on the personal front. And I will!

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*Shall* said...

I too like being called a workaholic...but i dnt work ma ass off all yr around :D precisely for d same reason- there is more to life then just work d money! And being AWARE of the same, alone takes u too places and a journey of lifelong learning.