Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who would you pick?

Last night I was sitting with my roomie and we were talking about the kind of person we would want to be our life partners. It all started with her meeting a prospective guy over the weekend. She is a lot like me, likes her freedom, is independent and would like to have a fun partner. This is how we categorized the male species:

The first type of guy very interesting, he is spontaneous, and you have great conversations with him, very open, very independent and adventurous. But, you cannot be sure of having that security with him. What if he just comes in one day and announces out of the blue that he has quit his job. Would he be responsible? Would he take care of you? Would you feel secure with him? Yes, there would be a lot of fun times with him, lot of laughter, lot of adventure, one wouldn’t get the cagey feeling you generally feel with the typical Indian men, and he would respect your space. He will let you be independent and he will not enforce his views on you. But on the down side, he would think about himself before thinking about you, he would be so very lost in his own world that he might not sometime realize that he has hurt you, he wouldn’t understand these things unless you directly tell him, and at times he might not be considerate towards your feelings either, you cannot have any expectations from him because you will end up with a broken heart. But then again, if you tell him honestly and directly how you feel, he would make sure that he does not repeat the same mistake again. He would take care of that. But to get there, you have to go through a lot of heartache. I have had first hand experience with such type ;). There are a few people who fit in this category.

The second type of guy is the alpha male of the pack. What he says goes. Oh he would

prefer a house wife but if she is working, of course, she has to be home before he gets home. She has to take care of him, his family, their home and her job while he just sits back in front of the TV, after work, and relaxes. Of course, since he has had such a long day he has every right to relax! But life with him is secure, also in other words boring. Nothing new, nothing different. He will care for you, provide for you and life will go on. Yawn! These are the most commonly available types.

Then there is the third type, well you really don’t know where to fit them. These types of guys are very very very rarely found. Maybe one in a thousand. But they are there. They would love you and care for you till no end, but at the same time expect you to know who the boss is around. They like your independence and respect it. They might even lend a hand in sharing the responsibilities of your house work, but not take over completely. You have some amount of fun with them, but life is not an adventure. The fun might be there initially, but it could wear off. They may be the fun and spontaneous types but when it comes to family they would know when to stop acting wild and take over some responsibility. Wow they almost seem perfect, but then there is just one flaw here, which I have mentioned above, that they are VERY RARE.

We kept thinking which category we would want our guy to fit in. Personally, I think that despite of all the heartache and pain I would still go in with the first guy. They don’t try to change you; they accept you for who you are. They are very open about everything and expect you to be also. And as long as you are, it’s a smooth sailing. So yes, I would go with category #1. But then again, even though there are a few guys who fit that bill, they are still not easily found.

NB: I listed these categories just based on what I know, if there are any additions/changes, feel free to add.


Adisha said...

Men !!! If only it were that easy to categorize them. As far as I've seen there are only two broad kinds of men - 1. Who think of only of themselves, and their fundas. 2. Who think of you and the people they love first. The second type are rarer, but around none the less. And once you find someone a person who truly knows what love and respect mean, then life is much easier !

But the truth also remains, that no matter how we try to theorize it, Any two people will have a different relationship, with it's own charachteristics. Like every chemical reaction is unique with it's own products and side effects. Just need to find someone with whom you Work !! :D


Golden Vulture said...

ha ha .. that was quite a post about men .. :) gret categorization i must say :)i even found some of my habits i it already :)

Thankzz for commenting on my blog thought .. keep smiling .. ! :)

~~~ Golden Vulture ~~~

dreamy said...

yes i agree with you, no matter how much we define the person we want to end up with..in the end its the way the two ppl work out their lives is what matters...

welcome to my blog :) and thanks for ur comments too

Cursed♪♫ said...

I'm just 14 but ya, seriously in these years I've kinda gotten to the fact that boys are very hard to understand!
Even I'd go with the 1st dude!
Like you know, one must always choose the guy with whom she can be her real self! Lovely blog. And wonderful picture :)
Happy Blogging !!! :D

Ekta said...

sweetheart u can do as much analsyis now...but when u find the right guy..u will have to reanalyse all over again...and this time with ur heart!