Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today i was feeling very sleepy at work..three nights of not sleeping properly had taken its toll finally! So i decided to leave half an hour early and go for a walk in the garden. Just me and my music. I usually walk around with my head bent and lost in my own thoughts today was no different. But at one point i suddenly looked up, as if some force is asking me to. And the sight was something no words can describe. I tried to capture it in the camera but i dont think this picture can do any justice to it. Then i remembered that its full moon today. I must have seen it so many times in my 23 years yet it leaves me with a sense of wonder. There is something about it which is magical, and cannot be expressed. Am glad i decided to come out today :-)


Adisha said...

It's funny how two people who are so far apart can share the same fascinations :)

The moon for me too has been a constant source of fascination and companionship even. The mere sight of it lets me know that I'm not alone, for all those I love and care about can see what I see, so we can't be that far apart ! :))

dreamy said...

it is very funny indeed...u know i hv met quite a few ppl online..but for the first time, after reading thru ur blog, i felt 'I wish i could meet this person'. :)

Adisha said...

Awwww, Now I'm truly flattered. Thank you for your kind words. The world is small dear. Who knows, we just might ;) :))