Friday, June 20, 2008

Its been almost two years since i have left college and entered the professional life, and each day i cant help but be surprised at how im-nature can people be. The other day we had am all hands call with our teams senior VP, nothing exciting, i am sure most people including me were east asleep but what irked me was the unprofessional behavior displayed by the people all around. Many had not kept their phones on silent and it caused constant hinderence in the speech. People chatting to their hearts content whenever there was a pause. This is just the meeting, even in the day to day routine i see classic examples of such cases. There are a few people around where i sit who i am sure have amplifiers attached to their throats. I am sure that everyone around them must be knowing their entire life story. I guess the concept of talking softly is alien to them. Just today another incident made me doubt the age of the people i am working with. Somebody sent a mail technical mail explaining some concept in java. Now our team does not work in java so he replied saying that the guy should limit his email audience. Just that little thing became such an ego issue to everyone. There were around ten nails discussing whether or not that mail should be sent to everyone. I wonder if they know about this little delete button that we have on our keyboards. All you have to do is press it and viola! The mail has been deleted. But then i guess they needed some thing to add excitement to their day. Lol i wonder if there people will ever grow up.

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Adisha said...

I hear you gurl !It comes down to lack of manners and consideration for others. These days I specially dislike when you are talking to someone and they get a call, and waste You time talking on Their phone. Ever heard of " Call back ?! " Isn't it hilarious, when you see teenagers walking on the street, each talking on their own phone. OMG ! What is the world coming to?

As far as the mail issue goes, i've realized some people enjoy making big issues out of nothing.They get a kick out of acting weird. I heard this quote on sex n the city recently and found it highly amusing.

" She's developed weird eccentricities, so that people don't realize her lack of a real personality. " LOL

Keep writing girl. The world needs to hear you ... :D