Saturday, August 11, 2007

You've got Mail

This is one of my all time favourite movies. I can watch it N number of times and still not get bored. This movie introduced us to a totally different kind of romance ( I must admit at this point that I am a hopeless romantic ). Two strangers who dont even know each other's names, just start exchanging mails at random and slowly fall in love with each other. What is it about this form of communication? I think people ( some of them ) are more honest about their feelings and emotions when they are interacting online. Why is it so I am yet to understand. But it is true isnt it? When communicating through e-mails/ IM we talk about so many things we would not if we were face to face. And the element of anonymity adds to the charm.

But what I dont understand here is that why is it that people always look for romance in such cases? I mean if two people are interacting frequently via the internet why cant they just be friends? It has happened to me so many times. And this is the reason why I am a bit wary of talking to a complete stranger online. I am not saying I dont do it at all, I have some great online friends, but I am very choosy about it. I am sure one can feel a bit of an attraction towards a person when he/she has been corresponding for quite some time, but falling in love!!! I am a bit doubtful about that. But on the other hand if your wavelengths match and you click then why the hell not!!! Oh damn, it is all so confusing and complicated!!! Well, then again, if it wasnt complicated it wouldnt be so much fun now would it? ;)

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