Thursday, May 22, 2008

Capturing Memories

The most important part of our luggage when we go out for any vacation is the camera. We might leave out an outfit or two, but the camera forms an integral part of our belongings without which the holiday is incomplete. It is a way to capture the beautiful moments we spend in a form which will be with us forever. I always carry one with me too. I like to then go back and relive those moments again by looking at the photographs. They transport you back to that fun time and for a minute you are on the vacation again.
Recently I went for a vacation to Goa and of course my camera went with me. I took quite a few pictures of all the places I visited, but there was one place where I just couldn't get my self to remove the camera and capture the surroundings. It was when we visited the old St. Xaviers Church. Now I am not a very religious person, yet I do believe that all these places of worship have some kind of a positive, serene aura about them which can be felt even by the people like me. At a place like this it seemed almost insensitive to take a photograph. It felt as if the moment I click the button, something around me will be disturbed, that magic that is there would be gone. And then I saw hundreds of tourists just going about flashing away to glory. I wonder, if they even felt the energy flowing around them. They were so busy taking those pictures that they missed the charm and the real beauty of the place. In taking those photos, they do manage to take in the physical beauty of area but the real spiritual essence is lost. I wish they would understand what they are missing and just sit back and relax. I guess then they would really have a true vacation :)

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*Shall* said...

I agree with ya..certain moments are just supposed to be felt, not captured. You just had one of those moments and lived it, which is equally important!