Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potatoes - The supposed king of vegetables!

I don’t get what is such a big deal about them. I love to see the expressions on everyone’s faces when they find out that I don’t like them. They look at me as if I belong to some other planet or maybe some other galaxy. I would like to tell them all, that I, like them, belong to good ol’ Earth. Am not an alien. Nope, not at all. Ok ok ok I get the fact that those bloody things are present in almost every Indian food preparation (I don’t know why, it is such a pain to sit and pick them out everytime). Big deal, I am sure I can survive without them. I have survived till now haven’t I?

I remember around 10 years ago we had gone for a trip to Manali. We used to leave our hotel after breakfast in the morning, roam around the entire day and return by dinner time. Since, we were out for the whole day there was no guarantee about where and when we will have our lunch. So our moms used to force two ‘Aloo Parathas’ down our throats every morning! Yuck, I still feel like puking when thinking about it. I think it was around that time that I developed my intense hatred for them.

My aunt knows that I will always pick them out from wherever possible in order to avoid eating them, so these days she makes sure that either they are completely mashed or minced so finely that I cannot succeed in my task. It’s a conspiracy I swear.

I think they are just overrated. My not liking them is almost considered a crime!! I fail to understand why. I wonder if I should maybe start an anti-potato club or something. But then again, I don’t think it will be much of a club. I will be the founder member and the only member of that club!


Shall said...

Not only u commit crime by not liking them but by opening that club u turn urself into a hardcore criminal! :P
On the other hand, gd d brave effort to admit that u dnt like 'em !


Anonymous Dreamer said...

huh!!! you kidding... man now you are the first person i have come across not liking a potato... not even waffers???? blasphemy!!

but i like that, be different.. (:

cooldude007in said...

i was jus givin a thought-- my life without aloo paratha n i felt not possible boss!!

n moreover potatoes r d only vegetables m eating frm so many yrs!!

Miserable U.... hahaha